YouTube, You're a Disgrace

The current state of YouTube is truly dire. The website used to be a beacon for free expression and creativity. Now, it's beginning to turn into a battleground for legal warfare. Nobody's videos or accounts are automatically safe on YouTube; it's the large, wealthy, and controlling corporations which decide that.

The main culpret for the recent drama amongst YouTube users cannot be pinned down to just one individual; in fact, this drama has been building up for a few years now. Ever since the YouTube Content ID system - an automated system which checks videos on the website for copyrighted material - was launched, the path in which the website was taking was already visible.

The Content ID system is flawed and in more than one manner. One flaw with this system is the lack of consideration for fair use. YouTube doesn't (and probably never will) actually review suspicious videos themselves; they don't care about their users, not even their most popular ones. As a result, videos which contain copyrighted material licensed under fair use law are often removed from the website under the grounds of potential copyright infringement which is known to be, in some cases, considerably damaging to the incomes of popular YouTube personalities which create and post videos as a full time job, profiting from ad revenue and sometimes sponsorships. A second flaw of Content ID is its exploitability; the system allows large companies to have videos taken down regardless of whether they are actually breaking copyright law. This gives such companies the ability to effectively censor content which they deem to be demeaning to them if they wish. For instance, Fullscreen - a popular YouTube multi-channel network - have been known to have perfectly legal videos taken down on behalf of their partners, namely the Fine Bros recently. The days remaining of the beacon for free expression are indisputably limited.

To conclude, the reason of which people are annoyed at YouTube for currently is their apparent neglection of the community as of late. YouTube desperately needs to fix this mess before somebody creates a legitimate competitor.

Zayn Malik: Potential Saviour of Humanity

One Direction is one of the largest pop groups in the media currently. Why, I hear you ask? Because Zayn Malik, one of the group's members has left. Big deal, right? Not especially. As I view it, this is just another tabloid story which should be dismissed just like all of the other celebrity crap that the majority of the population doesn't actually care about. But of course, that's not how the world works. Twitter and teenage girls just won't allow that to happen.

Twitter, the online social media website, is currently littered with tweets, such as:

I'm shocked when I see these kind of tweets as a result of an event as minor as this. But not because of the suicidal threats or the implied emotions of these 'Directioners'. I'm shocked at how ungrateful these people are, as addressed in ADoseofBuckley's second instalment of his 'Tweeting Rainbow series' at 7:32. These people are provided with clean water, food, electricity, and an internet connection and the thing that bothers them the most is some pop star quitting a band out of his own volition, and they claim that they're willing to kill themselves over this.

As to why I titled this post how I did, let's just say, these people have some sort of problem and, for that reason, it would do humanity a favour if their genes weren't to survive. Some people may view this as tragic and distressing; I view it as natural selection.

ISPs and Hosting

This is very important for those who still connect to this website via the address "".

I am moving ISP, thus my IP address will be changing. This means that those who still use the (now obsolete) IP address will not be able to connect to this site in the future. If you are one of these people, I highly recommend switching to

g-pe Homepage Complete

After a few days off I decided to work on integration of the new theme and, most of all, the g-pe website. The finished product is now available!

Dev Zone Homepage Complete

Just a quick one! The Dev Zone homepage is about finished. As, stated in the previous post, I am looking forward to coding and developing lots of stuff to put on the website!

Homepage Complete!

By now, I think I can safely say that my homepage is close enough to completion!

There will be updates in the future (especially to the Dev Zone) and I am looking forward to coding and developing lots of stuff to put on the website.